Beliz Top

Upon deciding to crown her life-long passion for watching commercials with a degree for a profession that was hardly considered a “real job”, she started studying at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Anadolu University. Since she had always been a mama’s girl, she studied her freshman year in Eskişehir and then transferred to Istanbul Bilgi University. She worked as a guide at the museums of Contemporary Art and Energy at Santral Istanbul campus to fulfil the requirements of her scholarship. She has always been grateful for that experience.

During her time at Grey Istanbul, she had the chance to provide services in various fields ranging from political communications to social responsibility projects, to global brands including P&G and Nike.

While working with brands such as FritoLay, Ülker, PepsiCo and Erikli at BBDO Istanbul, she reinforced her FMCG experience. She also worked as the strategic planner for high-end brands like Mercedes Benz.

She had the chance to work with a number of brands during the time she worked as planning manager for DDB Group, and in particular for Medina Turgul and Tribal Istanbul.  She set out on a freelance journey in early 2019. Towards the end of the year, her path crossed that of Behavior Institute, where, for the first time, she could develop creative strategies without being on the agency side of the process.

She continues to live her life with a peculiar belief that there is a solution to every problem, which, as she has come to acknowledge, may be a professional deformation of sorts. She loves street animals with a passion that was instilled in her by her family. She has so many plants in her home that it is only a step away from being a jungle. She is almost certain that when people understand the value of the power of being a woman, the world will evolve into an entirely different shape. Although she is normally a very composed person, she swears that if she hears Beyonce’s music, she cannot stop herself from dancing no matter where she is.