Our Solutions


Behavior Institute is not the agency of big ideas.

It is a solution agency. Behavior Institute is the agency of 365 days and not 360 degrees.

Behavior Institute produces context, not content. Behavior Institute knows that channels matter as much as the brand and focuses on channel solutions.

Some of Our Choice Architecture Approaches

Brand House - Blueprint of your brand to ensure its effectiveness.

Market Mix Modelling & Big Data - Involves the use of multiple regression techniques combined with behavioral data to help predict the optimal mix of marketing variables.

Praxeology - It is used for the evaluation of the conventional brand communication’s potential to change behavior / to call to action and to make the necessary revisions.

Value Paradox - The consumer does not have an absolute value on his mind. He lives in a system of value references. It is used to redefine the brand reference system.

Framing Technique - In today’s marketing world, where the consumer is bombarded with messages, it is almost impossible to change consumer attitudes regarding the weaknesses of the brand. The framing technique does not deny the weakness; it shows the way to reframe it in another light for the consumer.

Mistake Economy - The brain that makes decisions through shortcuts, is bound to make mistakes. The brands that will survive in the future are the ones that invest in Mistake Economy products (that prevent mistakes) beginning today. Within the context of this approach, the package of mistake economy products is developed.

Discourse Architecture - The brand-consumer interaction really begins after the advertisement. During this process, the call-to-action potential of the discourse it has developed towards the consumer, are evaluated and revised.

Point of Sale Solutions - Decision maps are drawn. Bottlenecks are identified. Areas of intervention are determined. The areas where there exists a high potential to change the behavior, are prioritized.