Each year, we are accommodated by 15 universities and we address 10,000 students.

We educated hundreds of young professionals at Istanbul Business School.

We educated counselors and attachés, who were recently assigned to embassies, on “New Advertising”.

We talk about neuroscience at the “Brain Secrets” course at Bahçeşehir University.

We teach on Consumer Behaviour at Bilgi University.

We train young strategists at the Advertising Foundation training.

Our partners are Intel TechTalks and TED speakers.

We are invited as speakers to an average of five important conferences within a year.

Education Topics

  • 4 Generations of Communication
  • Brand for Children
  • Behavioral Economy
  • Talking to the Young
  • Human Brain and Neuroscience
  • Branding Process
  • Practicality Guide
  • Advertisement Evaluation Approaches
  • Creating Resonance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advertising Secrets That Work in Turkey
  • Changing the Behavior Without Changing the Attitude
  • Consumer Insights
  • New Generation Communication